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About MHA

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The Medallion Holders Association is the only organization that looks out for the interests of San Francisco's most senior and experienced taxicab drivers and owners. Our members typically have more than twenty-five years of service in the industry.

Won't you join today to protect what you have worked for so long? Our City has had a medallion system for more than 50 years, but it is under attack. Make no mistake...if we do not stand united, we will surely lose everything.

Please print and fill out the membership form and mail it in today.

Membership dues are $200 a year or $125 for six months. If you are a disabled or otherwise disadvantaged medallion holder and really cannot afford membership, give us a call or send an email for special consideration. Members are urged to also make an optional contribution of $50 to "MHA-PAC" which is our political action committee.


Medallion Holders Association
P.O. Box 883533
San Francisco, CA 94188

Voicemail: 888-474-0840
Fax: 888-474-0841

Use this mail link to contact our board of directors.

2006 Directors

Carl Macmurdo, President

Robert Cesana, Vice-president

Dennis Korkos, Secretary

Michael Spain, Member at large

Martin Smith, Member at large

Roger Cardenas, Member at large

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Join the Medallion Holders Association today!