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Resources and Reference

Current Interest

An Overview of the San Francisco Taxi Industry and Proposition K prepared November 2007 by Heidi Machen and Jordanna Thigpen for the Taxi Commission's working group on Charter Reform. (2MB pdf)

San Francisco's Taxi Dispatch Service: Improving Reliability and Response from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, May 2007 report suggesting a surcharge on dispatch orders. (2.7 megabyte PDF)

Establishing a San Francisco Taxi Driver Health Care Coverage Program: Administration, Cost, and Funding Options. March 2006 report from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, 110 pages (726KB) complete with detailed actuarial analysis. An existing city-sponsored San Francisco Health Plan is proposed as the administrator. Under one scenario, drivers would pay $80 a month plus modest co-pays for services. The report examines funding options for the rest of the estimated $9-16 million annual cost.

Driving Poor: Taxi Drivers and the Regulation of the Taxi Industry in Los Angeles, September 2006 study by Professors Gary Blasi and Jacqueline Leavitt of UCLA. (460kb PDF)

Controller's reports

- Taxicab Industry Report - August 2006, a review of the taxicab industry with recommendations on taxicab rates of fare and gate fees. (302 KB)

- 2005 Taxi Commission Survey Report - February 8, 2006, summary report of the results of the Taxi Commission Survey conducted by the Controller's Office in October/November 2005. (140 KB)

- Taxicab Industry Report with Addendum - December 2005, a review of the taxicab industry with recommendations on taxicab rates of fare and gate fees. (140 KB)

- Taxi Driver Survey Summary Findings - April 2004, descriptive statistics of San Francisco's taxi driver population that can be used by policymakers and other interested parties. (6.5 MB)

- San Francisco Taxi Drivers Health Benefits Report - October 2003. This report was prepared in response to Ordinance Number 228-02, which requires the Controller to submit a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors by October 1, 2003 for enactment of a program that would make health insurance or health benefits available to all taxi drivers. (816 KB)

-Taxicab Industry Long-Term Lease Report - October 2003, Controller's report to the Board of Supervisors regarding long-term lease fee caps. (1.8 MB)

Additional documents related to the 2007 health care proposals

Three documents were submitted to the Taxi Commission's Health Care Committee at its December 19 meeting:

The Medallion Holders Association submitted its Free Healthcare Plan for All Drivers in March 2007. (22 KB pdf format)

The San Francisco Taxi Industry Proposal on Health Care was submitted by Brian Browne in March 2007. (74 KB pdf format)

Taxi-related ballot measures, 1978 - 2003

Taxi regulation in San Francisco was heavily influenced by a corporate meltdown in 1976 that led to a year of scarce taxi service and a stinky permit-trading deal in City Hall. See Taxis and SF Labor History for a brief summary of the crisis. In the wake of the crisis, a pair of competing taxi reform measures appeared on the ballot in 1978. Proposition K won with 51% of the vote. "Prop K" has shaped every aspect of the taxi business since that time.

The voters have been asked to revisit the issue numerous times since 1978, but have shown a singular disinclination to delve into the fine points of taxi regulation. With the exception of Proposition D in 1998, each of the propositions lost at the polls.

All the documents in this section are extracts from the ballot handbooks mailed to voters prior to the elections. They are in PDF format with file size under 1MB except as noted.

Association documents

San Francisco Taxi Permitholders and Drivers Association vs. City and County of San Francisco, July 2002 Appellate Court decision

Bylaws of the Medallion Holders Association

October 2006 letter to hotels regarding limos, jointly sent by the Medallion Holders Association, the SF Taxicab Association and United Taxicab Workers

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